Spine Testing

Full 6 Degree of Freedom Sumulation

We are applying our many years of experience in performing six degrees-of-freedom simulation with mini hexapod tables to spine simulation. Our load-based degrees-of-freedom control coupled with mixed-mode Real Time Active Control (RTAC) simulation can be applied directly to this application. The hexapod can rotate around any user-defined origin, to simulate a desired spine load and curvature, and any combination of the three loads and three moments can be reproduced in real time, using any arbitrary waveform shapes.

Researchers also use our standard tabletop loadframes for spine implant tests.

Shore Western can also supply our industry acclaimed Whisperpak® hydraulic pump to complement the system. These pumps provide clean, full flow, conditioned oil at 210bar (3000psi) with less than 70dB of noise.
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