Hip Wear Simulator

Specifications (3.7MB)

Efficient and accurate ISO 14242 tests

The Shore Western Hip Simulator was developed under direction of medical device manufacturers and orthopedic academics to simulate the complex kinematics and kinetics of the human hip in a physiological environment. Running in accordance with ISO 14242-3 axial load control, an array of hip complexities can be studied by researchers and designers looking to extensively analyze the mechanical properties and materials tribology of their prosthetic hip designs.

A typical hip simulator has four stations with three channels per station. Each channel has the ability to run an independent load profile under closed-loop control up to 1.5Hz. Axial loads can be applied up to 4500N (1000lbs) on each channel combined while collecting axial torque data. Flexion/Extension and Adduction/Abduction translations are programmed using a 23° biaxial rocking motion common to all channels.

Acetabular cup orientation can be studied with either anatomically correct or inverted (cup on bottom) configurations, using components with a bearing diameter of up to 66mm and a maximum test chamber volume of 1000ml (for water, saline or bovine/alpha calf serum), allowing the researcher greater flexibility in their study matrix.

Metallic surfaces within the test chamber prone to contact with testing lubricant are thin-film plastic-coated to prevent ion interaction between the test chamber and the bearing components and its debris, making collection of spent serum for wear debris or metal ion analysis straightforward without the risk of cross-contamination between test chambers.

Individual peristaltic pumps are available for each channel with level and temperature interlocks in each serum storage reservoir; lubricant temperature can be set and maintained via the heater/chiller unit. Each station of test chambers is enclosed within ergonomic Lexan hoods maintaining a clean test environment and maintaining user safety. Available loaded-soak stations (without hip kinematics) can accept three or six daisy-chained specimens on each load channel for a total of twelve specimens. Each channel includes independent control with closed- loop axial load feedback.

Shore Western Hip Simulators can also be built to accommodate ISO 14242-1, allowing independent closed-loop angular displacement of Flexion/Extension, Adduction/Abduction and Internal/External rotations.

Shore Western can also supply our industry acclaimed Whisperpak® hydraulic pump to complement the system. These pumps provide clean, full flow, conditioned oil at 210bar (3000psi) with less than 70dB of noise.
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