Ankle/Foot Wear Simulator

Specifications (5.3MB)

Efficient and accurate ISO/DIS 22675 tests

Recent data from the Amputee Coalition of America indicates that approximately 2 million people suffer from major limb loss within the USA, and new amputations are growing at the rate of 185,000 per annum. The need to develop comfortable, durable and agile limb replacements has become a major priority in the biomedical industry. Shore Western has developed an Ankle-Foot Prosthesis Simulator with innovative kinematics and controls technology that can accurately replicate the loading profile of a walking leg.

The servohydraulic two axis simulator uses closed loop displacement control for the angular movement of the tilting platform, and mixed mode control for the axial load. Mixed mode is a powerful control technique that enables dynamic and accurate load programming while using a safer and more stable displacement control. This is made possible with our proprietary Real Time Active Control technique; a unique and powerful optimization algorithm that faithfully reproduces the desired waveform.

Axial loads are available up to 6.8kN (1.5kip) to allow testing to the P6 level. The titling platform can produce 960Nm (8,500inlbs) of torque and has a total range of motion (ROM) of 70° (-25° to +45°). The tilting platform has changeable heel blocks to preserve the optimum heel height and the specimen holder has adjustable spring rates to return the foot to home after toe-off, its anterior to posterior slope is adjustable ±5° from the transverse plane. Test cycle speeds of 1.5Hz are achievable and can run 24 hours a day seven days a week with immediate specimen failure detection.

Shore Western can also supply our industry acclaimed Whisperpak® hydraulic pump to complement the system. These pumps provide clean, full flow, conditioned oil at 210bar (3000psi) with less than 70dB of noise.
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