Custom Systems
The innovation at Shore Western becomes most evident in our engineered custom solutions.

Pictured are some examples of more complex Shore Western systems:

Each system presented unique technical challenges we were forced to tackle.

The transient blast of a subsea charge creates a very high velocity event. For this system, we developed a special servo valve, and high flow hydraulic swivels to allow the actuator to pivot for both horizontal and vertical orientations.

The helicopter hub and shaft system demanded very high loads in a compact space. For this we designed 260mm hydrostatic balls capable of reacting 1200kN of force, and software that was able to stage a complex start-up and shutdown procedure, while controlling the load and angle state in hub coordinates.

Time and again, high profile companies choose Shore Western Manufacturing because they recognize our ability to solve their problems with innovative solutions.

We are ready to provide you with solutions to meet your specific needs. Whether they are as simple as a single actuator, or as complex as a multiple degree of freedom system, our team will value you as a customer and ensure that your unique needs are met.

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